In today’s world with lots of news channels, magazines, videos, and music, people forget to focus on their dream. 

Everything will be started with a dream and the world needs dreamers.


You just need to dream, they know the way and you should put your target and follow the dreams until they become true.


This platform has all features like sharing photo and video and plan a live chat and group chat, but the founder has a plan to promote this platform to the Dreamers only, the people who have a dream and want to share with others, people able to discuss their wishes, dreams and success stories. They can share their own story and the way they proceed to follow their dream till making it happened.


During world lockdown and travel restriction, everything becomes difficult and we have lots of dreams to share, this platform will give people the freedom to share their dream and follow it until creating the success story.


The founder of DreamUps would like to invite entrepreneurs and successful people to this network to share their dream and the way take them to success. this will help people to follow their dreams and we will move to a sustainable future.


No News, No Politics, No Stress … only about dreams

The advantage of this network is focusing on the dreams, users can share their dreams with their friends or public registered users, they can update their movement to make their dream comes true and they can update their friends with their achievements.

In DreamUps , the user will receive the point based on their activity.


Users can upload photos, videos, and voices, as well as able to chat with other users as a single chat or group chat as well.

 We are inviting successful people, business owners, and entrepreneurs to join the group and share their success stories and how things started with a dream only. this will give a user’s confidence to trust their dreams and plan to make them happened.