Privacy Policy


Main goal of our privacy policy is raising your awareness about the data we collect from you, the process how we use your data and enable you to have control over your data which you shared with us.

We kindly require you to review our privacy policy carefully;


  • Our website is open to public. Your posts, photos, videos, contents will be submitted to public’s review and search. You are given the alternative non-public way to contact with other users through direct messages as a part of our web-site.
  • You are obliged to create an account in order to benefit our services. If you desire to share or upload any content on our web-site you must have an account. Even though you only choose to view web-site user’s posts, we may reach your personal information such as your IP address and type of your device.
  • In case you prefer to create an account, you are required to provide us personal data such as your user name, an email address, birth date, password in order to draw on our services. You may use your real name or nom de guerre. Your user name shall be opened to public. You are allowed to create multiple accounts. Your mentioned personal data will be used to substantiate your ID and provide you relatable contents and services. You must specify a strong password in order to protect your account. All responsibility lies with you and you are responsible for any damage or loss arising out of your failure to do so.
  • You are eligible to use our services if you are not under age of 16.
  • You have absolute control over the data you shared with us through your settings and the contents you have uploaded. However, such contents must comply with the Rules and Policies of the website. (Please find and review the Rules and Policies section on the website) You have full access to your account and you may alter your personal data you have provided. You may suspend and deactivate your account at any time. Please be informed that verification of your identity is essential for providing our services.
  • When you created an account, some of your activities will be publicly seen such as web-site users you follow, web-site users follow you, date and time of your shares. If you interact with any advertiser on the web-site through our services, advertiser may receive your anonymous information such as features of the interested and targeted addressee of the advertisement. You are responsible and you shall be held solely accountable for your shares, posts, contents, uploading. You should be wary and mindful in relation to those especially if it contains sensitive information.
  • When you post any content to public, you steer us to disclose any information that takes place within the context and authorize us to disseminate given information through our application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • When you post any content through our services, it is deemed as you grant us royalty-free non-exclusive license (and right to sub-license) to utilize, disseminate, process, copy, duplicate, display, adjust, distribute such content on an international scale.
  • In order to provide you more relatable contents we may evaluate and use your posts, specify subjects attracts your attention, clarify contents that you have liked and/or downloaded. Your information is used by us in order to substantiate your account and guard our services from wrongdoings including but not limited to spams, abuses and fraud. We desire to apprise you of our services, personalize our service options. We also use your data to market you through advertisements to the extent that permitted by applicable law. We might help other web-site user’s find your account if you approve us to do so through settings. You can use your settings in order to prevent us to send you notifications.
  • If you provide us an email for a request that email will be kept by us in order to respond your request.
  • You may communicate with other web-site users through direct messages for non-public conversations.  Your direct messages will be provided the web-site user you intended to send. Your direct messages will not be used for advertisement.
  • If you intend to purchase any service we provide or any advertising published on web-site you need to share with us your credit card number or debit card number, your CVV code, card’s expiration date and your address.
  • You may block an account if you no longer desire to be in connection with an account holder. In case of blocking; accounts you have blocked cannot follow you and cannot view your posts and contents. You cannot follow the same account and cannot view that account holder’s posts and contents either.
  • We need to receive your further following information if you decide to reach our contents through other web-sites, any mobile application or from advertisers. In this regard we need to know your signup and current location. We will receive signals of your IP address and settings of your device in order to establish your account and we will be able to render you our services. We might collect, use and store your whereabouts you have entered our web-site in order to provide you personalized service.
  • We will monitor the links you communicate while you use our services.
  • We use cookies. Cookies are not prerequisite for some of our services such as viewing and delving into web-site users. However, in order to use some of our services properly you need to accept cookies.
  • We will have log data when you use our services. Log data embodies information such as your IP address, device data, cookie information, browser type. We will use mentioned data in order to provide you services. We will also use such data for our marketing strategies. We reserve log data for a period of 12 months. If you deactivate your account, your information which is open to public will not be seen as of deactivation date.
  • We use advertising revenue in order to provide you better service. Our purpose is enabling you to reach more relatable contents pleasing you in respect of advertising. We act within this scope in collaborations with the advertisement companies. We reserve the right to place advertising on the services we provide. You agree and acknowledge that we are entitled to place advertising on the content you posted or displayed.
  • We may have subcontracted service providers to perform our services. In order to provide you our services we may share your personal data with such service providers to the extent your permission and on need-to-know basis in accordance with the confidentiality terms and conditions. Mentioned service providers will only act under our instructions. When you intend to purchase any item or service through our web-site, we may share your payment data with payment service providers in order to complete purchase process.
  • We reserve right to share your data if we are required to provide your data by competent courts, governmental bodies and authorities in accordance with applicable law.
  • We may use or share anonymous data such as total number of people interacts with a certain post, content or advertisement, demographics, entrance to web-site in a certain location and so on.
  • Our services are subject to change time to time. We reserve the right to cease providing services in full or partial on a permanent or temporary basis. Our services are provided on an “as is” and “as available” standards. We may set limits on use or data storage any time. Our services are under protection of copyright& trademark laws and applicable laws.
  • We reserve the right to update or revise our Privacy Policy time to time. The latest version of Privacy Policy will be prevailed.
  • In case you desire to use our App please be informed that upon your permission we may access your photos or camera rolls. If you intend to upload any video or photo through our App you need to permit us to access your camera roll or photos. This is the only way enable you to upload video or photo. You may revoke your permit at any time. If you use our App , we may reach your personal information such as your IP address and type of your device, etc.
  • If you need further information regarding our privacy policy, collecting or processing of your personal data feel free to contact us from the e-mail address below.